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Zhenbiao Wang

Zhenbiao Wang,Professorate Senior Engineer. He is currently the dean and deputy secretary of the party committee of China Datang Corporation Science and Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. He was formerly chief engineer of Inner Mongolia Datang International Tuoketuo Power Generation Co. Ltd,, and was chief engineer and deputy general manager of Datang International Power Generation Co., Ltd. He has extensive experience and in-depth research in Electricity production and management of Basic Construction. In addition, he has carried out and accomplished the project of “Demonstration Project and Domestication of 300MW CFB Boiler Unit” which had been awarded as second prize of National Award for Science and Technology Progress. in 2008. He was formerly the member of Technical Committee for Research on 700 C Ultra Supercritical Units. He is also an expert who enjoys special government allowances from the State Council, and is selected as national candidates of “New Century Talents Project”.  

Zeng Ming

Zeng Ming; male; born in November 1957; Han nationality; native of Taiyuan Shanxi Province; professor and Ph.D. supervisor; the director of energy Internet research center of North China Electric Power University (NCEPU); an academic leader of State Key Laboratory Of Alternate Electrical Power System With Renewable Energy Sources (NCEPU); deputy director and secretary general for energy internet special committee of Chinese energy research committee; vice chairman of IEEE PES energy Internet professional and technical committee ; the responsible person for the teaching team of the power market in Beijing; and enjoys the special allowance of the State Department. Prof. Zeng Ming is a well-known scholar in the field of Energy Net in China, an experienced expert on electricity market reform and the chief expert in the expert advisory group of electric power system reform for National Development and Reform Commission. Prof. Zeng Ming served as the vice director and the secretary-general for the expert committee of Energy Net (planning) in China Energy Research Association, as well as the secretary-general for the Alliance for China Energy Internet Technology.

Research Field: Energy Internet, the Integrated energy system, the marketization reform and operation of electric power industry, demand response and demand side management, the Integrated Resource Planning of electric utilities, power market transaction decision theory.

Prof. Zeng Ming has participated in the discussion and drafting of the “5th document of the State Council”, which is the programmatic document for the construction of China’s electricity market. He has undertaken the research work of the State “11th Five-Year” Demand Side Management Plan and the drafting of the file used for reporting to the State Council. Also, he has undertaken the research work of National electricity market standards and participated in the drafting of the standards system that is submitted to the State Council (this work is finished together with National Standard Working Committee). Prof. Zeng has participated in the drafting of the Energy saving power generation dispatching information releasing method (Trial) and the Interim Measures for the supervision and regulation of generation right trading that are put forward by National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Electric Monitoring Committee (former) and he is the chief editor of the White Book of China Power Demand Side Management presented by National Development and Reform Commission. Prof. Zeng Ming has fully participated in the discussion and drafting of the Suggestions on Further Deepening the Reform of Electric Power System (the 9th document published by CPC Central Office in 2015), and core supporting documents of it. The Suggestions on Further Deepening the Reform of Electric Power System is the programmatic document for the latest round of electric power system reform. In addition, Prof. Zeng Ming is a major expert of the Action Plan for the “Internet +” Smart Energy (Energy Net) published by the National Energy Administration. He is responsible for the drafting and auditing of the file.

Successively, Prof. Zeng Ming has accessed six projects supported by National Nature Science Fund, one project supported by Ph.D. Programs Foundation of Ministry of Education of China, two projects supported by National Soft Science Research Program and a key project supported by Beijing Social Science Fund. Up to now, Prof. Zeng Ming has won 1 first prize, 5 second price and 6 third price of scientific and Technological Awards on provincial and ministerial level and has obtained more than 20 awards from provincial Power Grid Corp. By now, 12 monographs related have been published and more than 260 papers have been indexed in SCI, EI or CPCI-S.

Li Ting

Rocky Mountain Institute Regional Managing Director

Chief Representitive of Rocky Mountain Institute China Office

Dr. Li Ting has considerable experiences in research and practices in the area of international sustainable development and environmental economics. She has served in the Department of Treaty and Law of the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of the PRC, participated in and been responsible for the formulation and negotiation of UN multilateral treaties on Environment, Marine and Sustainable Development, and deeply involved in China’s international negotiations on climate change, as well as energy and environmental policy making processes.

After joining Rocky Mountain Institute, she has been in charge of areas including energy transition path, green city, building efficiency, smart transportation, renewable energy and integrated energy services, as well as clean technology investment and financing, leading the team to track comprehensive international energy transitions to provide policy advices and technical solutions for China's energy transition and low-carbon development, and facilitating the planning and implementation of several energy and low-carbon projects. Dr. Li Ting is a member of the expert databases of the Asian Bank and the World Bank, and has participated in a number of research projects of relevant international organizations.

Dr. Li Ting graduated from Renmin University of China with a Master’s in Law, holds an M.A. from Tufts University, and earned a Ph.D. in Environment Economics from China Academy of Science.

Christos N. Markides

Christos Markides is Professor of Clean Energy Technologies, Head of the Clean Energy Processes (CEP) Laboratory and leads the Experimental Multiphase Flow (EMF) Laboratory; the largest experimental space of its kind at Imperial College London. He is Editor-in-Chief of Applied Thermal Engineering, Member of the Scientific Panel of the Knowledge Centre – Organic Rankine Cycle (KCORC), the Assembly of World Conferences (AWC) on Experimental Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics, the Scientific Committee of the UK Energy Storage SUPERGEN Hub, and the UK National Heat Transfer Committee.

He specialises in thermodynamics, fluid flow and heat/mass transfer processes and their applications to high-performance devices, technologies and systems for energy recovery, utilization, conversion and storage. His research interests include heating, cooling and power provision, solar energy (including hybrid PV-thermal collectors and systems) and waste heat in heat-intensive industrial applications. He also has an interest in the development and application of advanced diagnostic techniques for the provision of detailed, spatiotemporally-resolved information in turbulent, multiphase and/or reacting flows.

Dehua (David) Zheng

Research Interest: A comprehensive protection and dynamic control strategy for microgrids with high renewable energy penetration

Dehua Zheng has completed his B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Electrical Engineering from North China Electric Power University, Beijing, China in 1982 and 1987, respectively. He has also graduated another M.Sc. degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Manitoba, Canada in 1995.

His profesional experience includes the Manitoba Hydropower Company as electrical engineer, University of Manitoba MB Canada (he involved in the PSCAD & RTDS development teams) as research assistant, Saskachewan Polytech Institute SK Canada as senior electrical engineer, China Shanxi Hechuang Electric Co., Ltd as Chief Scientist and General Manager.

Dehua Zheng is currently a IEEE Senior Member, Deputy Director of China Smart Distribution System & Decentralized Generation Committee, Deputy Director of China National Wind Power Engineering Technology Research Center, Chief Scientist&General Manager of Goldwind Science and Technology Co., Ltd., IEC project leader for IEC/TS 62898-3-1: Microgrids – Technical Requirements – Protection and Dynamic Control, and registered senior electrical engineer in Association of Professional Engineers&Geoscientists of Saskatchbewan (APEGS) and PhD. professor in many universities.

He is leading the Microgrid and Energy Internet Technology and Business in China, and devotes himself to research and development of Chinese and world microgrid and energy internet technology. He has been at the forefront of developing transient and dynamic control technologies of microgrid, which drastically improved the reliability, security and economy of microgrids. He firstly proposed an advanced concept of ‘Energy hub station’ integrating various form of energy together and optimized the energy usage. Based on this concept, Dehua Zheng has researched and developed many tangible products by combined Park Transformation of virtual synchronous generator (VSG) disturbance voltage and current based protection function, voltage and current Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) based protection function, Sequence Current Based Protection Function, Overcurrent Protection Function, and Differential Current Protection Function. Products include transient disturbance control system, dynamic disturbance control system and fault protection system etc. These products have been widely applied in many microgrid projects in China and Southeast Asia, which provided more economical, environmental friendly, convenient and secure solution of energy usage for local industry and rural area.

Dr. Johan Wallin
约翰 沃林

Dr. Johan Wallin, D. Sc. (Tech.), Industrial Economics, Helsinki University of Technology, is currently a Managing Partner and Chairman of the Board of Synocus Group, Chairman of Synocus China Ltd., Chairman of Synocus Oy Helsinki, and Honorary Chairman of the World Alliance for Low Carbon Cities. Previously served as Managing Director of SMG Consulting, Marketing Manager of Finnish Fur Sales Co. Ltd, and Chairman of the World Alliance for Low Carbon Cities.

Dr. Wallin has published more than a dozen articles, including An attractive innovation environment, Governance of Innovation Support Activities, Orchestrating sustainable urban development: Final report of the SASUI project. He specializes in assisting senior managers in business model transformation, capacity building, and innovative network orchestration. He has advised managers in various fields, such as telecommunications, computers, financial services, and aviation. Besides,There are outstanding contributions made by him in the field of national competitiveness and regional development. He oversaw the Finnish regional competitiveness research sponsored by the Finnish national innovation agency Tekes and participated in the Tekes proposal for the establishment of a new ecosystem in the spring of 2017.

Tao Guangyuan

Bachelor Degree, Shaanxi Mechanical College, Automatic Control, in 1979

Master Degree, Tsinghua University, Systems Engineering, in 1983

Technical University of Berlin, 1988-1992

Executive Director, Sino-German Renewable Energy Cooperation Center, 2011 until now;

Chief Representative in China, Deutsche Energie-Agentur (dena), 2011 until now;

Institute of Applied Mathematics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1983-1988;

Comprehensive Transportation Research Institute of National Economic Commission, 1983-1988;

Managing Director, Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAAI), 1988;

Deputy General Manager, Deutsch-Chinesischen-Kooperationsbüros für Industrie und Handel (DCKIH GmbH), 1997-2009;

Obtained the certificate of “European Energy Manager”, in 2009;

Representative in China, “European Energy Manager” training program of Global Training Alliance, in 2009.

Tao Zheng

Tao Zheng, Manager of Integrated Energy Technology R&D Department of Nanrui Research Institute, senior engineer. He has been engaged in research and development in following fields for a long time: power grid dispatching automation, integrated energy management and control services, and smart energy services etc. He has carried out and accomplished several demonstration application and research projects research subjects for state and state frid corporation, such as: “Key Technologies and Applications of Energy Internet for New Towns” and “Regional Integrated Energy Coordination Control System for Tongli New Energy Town” etc. He has won 2 third prizes of provincial-level scientific and technological progress awards. In addition, he has published more than ten papers in world conferences or international/ domestic core journals, and two of his researches are patented.


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